For an opportunity to make a bold fashion statement, browse our latest cashmere collections at Bespoke. Our Overcoats are aimed to serve the wardrobe needs of all our shoppers.


From classic tones to trendy new colours, anyone can have a gorgeous new overcoat made to suit them without having to leave home.

Men’s Suits Vancouver | Men’s Suits Vancouver


Our tech coat line was designed for those who need a fitted coat while traveling often. These coats are made from a high-quality blend of wool and synthetic fibres. This fabric was chosen due to its wrinkle-resistant nature, soft luxurious feel as well as moisture-wicking properties.


Priced At $369 the fit is unlike any made to measure with Bespoke Made Suit Made To Suit You.


Our LUXECOAT is for the everyday suit wearer. With an emphasis on durability, the wool used in this line is designed to be form holding and stiffer in nature. These pieces are designed to maintain the ultimate form when worn over a suit.


Each piece is designed with your purpose in mind. Priced at $429, these pieces will be sure to impress even the toughest critics.


Our Cashmere line of overcoat is our flagship product. Designed to be unbeatable in luxurious feel and texture, each piece is made from fabrics curated with softness in mind.


With seemingly endless colour options, you will be sure to find one that suits you. Starting at $529, prices will vary by fabric choice.