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What Makes Us Different 

We believe that men should have a hassle-free suiting experience that is easy, stress-free, and ultimately delivers the best fitting suit that they have ever had. Our NEXT GENERATION suiting methods have brought with it what we call the 3D chest construction that allows for men with larger chests to have the best-looking form without having unnecessary fabric under the arms. We have also incorporated the possibility to change the complete shape of the sleeve attachment to accommodate all men whether you have a very large or very thin chest. This allows us to adjust for men with differing sizes in their deltoids. Instead of changing the sleeve width which is what most made to measure companies have traditionally done, we go above and beyond to deliver an even better-looking suit. We have also introduced reinforcement darting under the lapels to prevent chest bow on slimmer fitting suits. Lastly, our Tech and Luxe line suits feature a floating half-canvassed construction unless otherwise specified, to allow for you to have a suit that will be long-lasting, breathable, yet form-fitting. Our next-generation suiting techniques also include, double-stitched seams in high wear, high tension areas in the pants to further reinforce construction as well as machine stitched reinforcements in areas such as the pockets and the fly that span through all three layers of pant material to prevent unwanted premature wear. We lead the industry by including reinforcements in areas you don’t even expect to look such as the pant cuff so that you have a well-fit, well-made product, that will last you years to come. We’ve redesigned, reinforced, and rethought the way that men’s made to measure is done in a way that we believe to be the best suiting experience you have ever had at any price. 


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