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  • John Williams

What does what you wear say about you ?

Think back to the last time you met somebody. Before you exchanged your first words. What did you think to yourself? Was it maybe something to do with the physical appearance of the individual? Most people form a first impression within one tenth of a second of meeting someone. This is before you have said anything, or even done anything. What do you want your first impression to convey?

Many people believe that in order to do the part you must dress the part. If the lawyer you're meeting walked into the boardroom in an extremely ill fitted outfit, chances are, no matter how good of a lawyer they are, your first opinion will already be that they aren't as successful as their well dressed counterparts. Whether we like it or not humans are shallow. We form far more opinions based off of appearance than we would like to. So how do you stay ahead of the curve? Dress for the part!


One of the most important things in men's formal wear is fit. Just because you've spent exuberant amounts of money on a suit doesn't mean it fits well. That suit can have the best fabrics and best construction quality but you will still end up looking sloppy if the fit is off.

Here’s how to do it:

In a suit, watch out for the collar, chest, and shoulders. If these are incorrect the rest of the suit won't even matter. Stay tuned for more in depth fitment tips.


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