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  • John Williams

Where did our overcoats come from ?

Have you ever wondered where our modern day overcoat comes from?

The inception

Overcoats were created during the 18th century when British Dandy Beau Brummell brought the style of the British Court into mainstream use. The overcoat was perfect when worn over the tight fitting attire which was rather thin. Constructed of a heavyweight wool, warm overcoats became a staple during the regency period.


With its invention in the early regency period, overcoats fell into disuse in the decades to follow. It wasn't until World War I with the use of the trench coat that the full length overcoat was popular again. By the 1980s, the overcoat was popularized and worn by everyone who was anyone. In the age of dressing to look powerful, the overcoat with its thick padding and wide shoulders became a wardrobe necessity.


Today, the overcoat has regained popularity with more of a resemblance to its 18th century origins where it was a fitted, tailored piece. Overcoats today keep its wearers warm while providing a classic silhouette. With the overcoat being the only thing people see when you are out during the cooler months, investing in a well fit piece can ensure you make a good impression wherever you go.


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